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Dynamic Canvas Model

SpaceChase is a software development project, being developed for “Mekan Dizimi Tasarım Uygulaması” (no:119M082) under ARDEB 1001 programme of TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey). “Mekan Dizimi Tasarım Uygulaması” is a collaborative research project between Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul Bilgi University and Tuspa Design Studio.

SpaceChase focuses on initiating dynamic capabilities to Space Syntax theory by introducing the “dynamic canvas” model along with real-time editing capabilities in an interactive physics-based environment.

The software is being developed in two parallel fields, a multi-platform game and a Grasshopper plugin.

For more information, collaborations and workshops please get in touch.

→ Dynamic Graph

→ Static Graph

→ Syntactic Analysis


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