Istanbul Bilgi University ARCH402 : BIOSYNTHETIC CITY

We believe that by employing “SpaceChase,” we may identify the space fiction quality as a methodology worth re-evaluating in architecture and urban planning at all scales. The fact that design quality is founded on accurate quantitative foundations while also revising according to reasonable principles is one of the most essential aspects of using spacechase. 

Considering the objects that will directly and indirectly effect the design, as well as being able to observe and grasp the network of relationships between these objects, while we were in the design stage, increased our analytical design element. It’s inspiring to see it mixed with limitless versions of programs that might perform better with the clusters they’re attempting to create. 

The stage of making different versions according to the available parameters was a key component for the use of spacechase here, regardless of the magnitude of the city or the structure. The plug-in provided a significant advantage in identifying potentials that we had overlooked, which was not optimal in only one variation. We are certain that Spacechase will be one of the first strategies we use in the design phase going forward. 

Okan Tasgin

Bilgi University Student Council Supervisory Board President

Faculty of Architecture Student Representative

Yilmaz Okumus

Bilgi University Faculty of Architecture Student

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