The main purpose of these workshops were to present the first prototype of a new plugin developed within this research to the students and evaluate its potentials and limitations by comparing it with similar graph-theoretical digital tools. The workshop’s aim was to decipher the potentials of spatial configurations focusing on the idea of network thinking in architecture.

Within the scope of this research, a student workshop is conducted as a part of the undergraduate course entitled “Architectural Morphology” in Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture. This workshop was open to the participation of undergraduate architecture students from different backgrounds with various levels, and it lasted for two days with 20 participants.

The second workshop, conducted within the scope of the project, was held digitally on 3-4 June 2020. As a result of the announced call, 22 applications were made. In the workshop, which is open to the participation of design and architecture students, it is expected that the participants have a minimum level of Rhinoceros and an introductory knowledge of Grasshopper.

Providing the participants with feedback on the prototype developed within the scope of the project; collecting data on scenarios developed through prototype; Determining the possible test team of the application in the upcoming process constitutes the main objectives of the workshop. In line with these purposes, during the workshop, by focusing on network thinking in architecture, the potentials generated by spatial configurations were tried to be deciphered by graphic-theoretical tools and experiments were made on the gamification of space syntax.

Dynamic Canvas Workshop is based on SpaceChase, game-like syntactic interface research for architectural design process based on network thinking and Space Syntax. The tool enables the participants to play and adjust relationships between the variables of a project, mainly spatial and contextual in a very loose metric analogy and access this information to arrive at design decisions as well as evaluate them.

The workshop is an opportunity to share current GH plugin with the participants, and discuss the potentials the tool provides for creative as well as efficient design process. The participants will be guided on how to use the software in the initial day and asked to use it to re-program an space syntax graph of and existing layout, or program one out of scratch. The participants will be asked to contribute to assess the process in the final session.

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